System Upgrades

Irrigation Systems, like anything else wear out over time. If you are experiencing increased service calls, increased water use and costs, or your landscape is suffering, it may be time to upgrade your system. Additionally, today’s technological advances in Controllers, Sprinklers, Valves and other Sensors have been introduced to provide water conservation while saving you money.

Upgrading your system does not mean replacing your system, an upgrade can a be a minor upgrade or a major overhaul. If your Irrigation System is five years old or older, chances are you can benefit from new technologies on the market today.

Some Water Purveyors now have “Smart Irrigation” programs providing significant savings when you choose to upgrade your Irrigation System. Ask us and we can provide this information.

Protect and Maintain your Landscaping Investment, Save Water and Save Money when you upgrade.

To Help You Save Money and Water We Offer the Following Services:

Perform a system evaluation through visual observation, operating from your controller.

Observe and annotate function of all sprinklers and valves.

Observe impact of maturing landscape on your system.

Inform client of new technologies such as “Smart Controllers” with Weather Intelligence, Water Saving Sprinklers and Rain Sensors.

Submit a written proposal with specific recommendations and cost for equipment improvements.

Produce a plan and schedule to perform installation of new equipment.